Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ohlone principal suddenly resigns (letter to President Kronenberg)

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From: Giorgio Cosentino <>
Date: Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 10:58 AM
Subject: Ohlone principal resigns
To: Madeline Kronenberg <>
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Dear President Kronenberg,

I have just been informed that Ohlone Principal, Mickie Giacomini, has just resigned after one year of employment with the WCCUSD to take a job closer to her home in Rockin, just weeks before school begins.  I repeatedly communicated to you and Director Taylor that your hiring of someone living in Rocklin made no sense, that I predicted this happening.   And it has. With short notice.  Like some sort of sick joke.

I am requesting a complete investigation into this hiring decision.  I want to know how the job position was advertised, where it was advertised, when it was advertised, how many applicants, the qualifications of each applicant, who sat on the review panel, what feedback was received from the review panel, etc.  I want to see copies of all primary documentation.  Dr. Harter made this hiring decision at the same time all other Hercules principal positions were changed.  He even replaced the Hercules Middle-High School principal with a first-timer.  For their first stint at the helm, they are responsible for two schools and a WASC survey this coming school year.  I am now questioning that decision, too.

I'll be honest and say I can't tell the difference between just making do with what you have at your disposal, incompetence, or retaliation as a result of the Measure K fallout, which included then President Ramsey's negative comments directed at Hercules.  If Mr. Ramsey never made those comments, then I might be able to accept this as par for the course with the WCCUSD.  I hope that is the case, that Dr. Harter was simply forced to make do with a lousy deck of cards.  Is that what happened?

Please investigate this not just for me, but as part of the WCCUSD quality improvement process.  What is the corrective action to this incident?  I hate to say I told you so, but I did, and still have the emails to prove it.  I told you she would leave for a job closer to home. As the liaison to the Hercules schools, I ask that you please provide a summary of your investigation to the citizens of Hercules.  

Thank you, President Kronenberg.

Giorgio Cosentino


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  2. Now four years ago, and I just came upon your letter this evening. I'd like to set the record straight about who our former Ohlone Principal, Mickie Giacomini was, and most easily continues to be today.

    First of all, when Mickie Giacomini arrived at Ohlone, she brought with her a breath of fresh air and competence as a principal and as a human being complete with empathy and intelligence. I should know, I'm one of 21 teachers at Ohlone.

    Before Principal Giacomini, there were three who were of the opposite brand to Mrs. Giacomini, three who nearly drove Ohlone into the ground with their combined total of eight incompetent years as Ohlone principals. I'd be right there with you, if you would want to question the district's choosing skills for those three principals, the three prior to Principal Giacomini.

    In Mrs Giacomini's case her hire was done in part with teachers from Ohlone, and with our understanding that after her son graduated his senior year in Rocklin, she and her husband would be moving into a WCCUSD neighborhood. At the time she became our principal her husband's Sacramento firm was allowing telecommuting, but sometime near to the end of our school year, his employer had stopped this practice and their moving was no longer going to be possible. This became a sad day for Ohlone, it's teachers, and for WCCUSD in general, as they tend to have too few great principals.

    Fortunately, for us, and Ohlone, her replacement, Mrs Serrano (three years now), also brought the same breath of fresh air, competence and intelligence.