Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who is the WCCUSD?

Who is the WCCUSD?
Is it the area Director who has been very helpful with my requests?
Is it the school employees who are giving it 100% every day?
Is it the teacher who told me I should avoid enrolling my child in the district?
Is it the school board that took 3 months to respond to my reports of Ed Code violations?
Is it the district employee who told me he never responds to emails?
Is it the thugs who will smash your windshield when you protest the conflict-of-interest scenarios that exist on the CBOC?
Is it the Ivy League Connection, who are doing great things for some of our kids?
Is it a board President who has difficulty accepting criticism?
Is it the district who generously mailed me documents in response to my query?
Is it a board President who will publicly attack two cities for not supporting a parcel tax?
Is it the district employee who was demoted at their previous place of employment for allegations of grade fraud? (Note to this employee--if you are innocent, consider suing those who have defamed you).
Is it a district who did not provide a safe prom for the girl who was brutally raped?
Is it new and safe schools?
Is it the district that was recently sued by the ACLU for failing to meet the needs of some of our neediest students?
Is it the district that compassionately fights every day to bridge the achievement gap?
Is it the board that holds "Public Comment" very late in their meetings?
Who is the WCCUSD?