Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WCCUSD teacher turnover a valid concern

Recently, I inquired with WCCUSD HR Director, Kenneth Whittemore, as to the particulars of the district's turnover.  He said it was difficult for him to get a handle on because of the many personnel issues the district has faced in recent years, including layoffs.  

My inquiry prompted trustee Todd Groves to comment that I should pull back my "oversight" of the district.   My query had nothing to do with oversight.  It was motivated by my wanting to better understand one of the key  causes of a compromised education process.  The following article validates my concern, citing lack of teacher turnover at this one Richmond school as a cause for success.

The district should be able to provide all stakeholders with a detailed analysis of turnover within the district and at each and every district school.  We need to know where the turnover hotspots are before we can address their causes. If the district cannot provide this information, then it is time to find a new Superintendent.

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  1. Am I the only one who has concerns about the performance of our Superintendent? Information that should be readily available is not. I am unable to ascertain as to whether or not this is a staffing or competence or integrity issue.