Friday, March 22, 2013

Time to revisit district elections

If Pinole and Hercules each had a representative on the school board, the Measure K parcel tax increase would have passed, with there being more money for our teachers and classrooms.
It didn't pass because Hercules and Pinole didn't feel represented. There was no buy-in. Worse yet, the reflex action of the then board President was to scold these two cities as a result of their lack of support instead of taking the time to understand their concerns and garner the support, and try again for the much needed parcel tax increase. It was easier to blame the two cities than to share responsibility for this failure.
In 2008, when there was an effort to change the WCCUSD board election process to district wards, there was much opposition from El Cerrito, including the respective County of Board of Education trustee. In 2008, there were 3 board members from El Cerrito. In 2013, there are still 3 board members from El Cerrito.
In 2006, a Hercules candidate received only 8% of the vote for WCCUSD board. Hercules and Pinole are faced with problems unique to them, including potential bankruptcy, so deserve to have their own representation, as do other areas-cities.
Let's increase the buy-in and support for the WCCUSD by resubmitting the petition for district elections.

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  1. For Hercules, I would give consideration to Mr. Ken Jett as a candidate for WCCUSD board based on his performance thus far as a CBOC member. He is newly appointed, but during his first meeting, made quite an impression.