Sunday, March 10, 2013

The WCCUSD is ethically challenged

The WCCUSD leadership is ethically challenged, hence the additional scrutiny on every action and decision.  They bring this upon themselves.  The following are some examples of why some ethics training is in order:

When a board president publicly singles out and scolds two cities for not supporting a tax measure, ethics training is needed.
When important details of a bond measure are buried in the small print, ethics training is needed.
When a school board stacks the deck by placing union reps on the citizens bond oversight committee, ethics training is needed.
When oversight committee members receiving campaign contributions from contractors fail to recuse themselves from that committee, ethics training is needed.

When the school district repeatedly violates accountability laws put in place for purpose of providing transparency and accountability, ethics training is needed.
With some ethics training and strict adherence to accountability laws, the district will be subjected to much less scrutiny.  

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