Sunday, March 17, 2013

Complaint against WCCUSD submitted to SBE

From: Cosentino, Giorgio
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 12:37 PM
To: ''
Cc: Christine Gordon (
Subject: Uniform Complaint regarding violations of the WCCUSD Bond Oversight Program

Uniform Complaint for violations of Ed Code 15278-->15282 are as follows:

1.         The legally required position of Business Organization representative was vacant from 3/13/12 to at least 6/21/12.  There is no membership list after 6/21/12.  There was also no membership list available on the website from 3/4/10 to 3/13/12.
2.         The legally required position of Senior Citizen representative ended 4/2011.  This position was filled 9/2011.
3.         A representative of Local Union 1 has been a voting member of the committee since 10/18/06.  Employees of the WCCUSD are represented by Local 1.
4.         During the 2012 election campaign for WCCUSD school board, CBOC Chair (and board candidate) Robert Studdiford received $20,000.00 in campaign contributions from Seville Group (SGI) while he was seated on the committee.  Per the WCCUSD board meeting minutes, SGI retained their contract with the WCCUSD as “Program Manager of the bond program.”  Mr. Studdiford’s received campaign contributions are documented on the CA460 form.

5.         The annual reports have not been published in a timely manner.
a.        The 2008 Annual Report was approved March, 2010.
b.        The 2009 Annual Report was approved April 27, 2011.  This report cannot be located on the CBOC website.
c.         The 2010 Annual Report was approved February 27, 2012.  A “draft” copy is on the website.
d.        The 2011 Annual Report was approved February 27, 2013.

When I inquired with one CBOC member about the delays with the reports and the website issues, they replied “The CBOC has no real admin backup to do such work.”  The law requires that such administrative support be made available.

I did voice my objections to the Local 1 position to the school board on 2/6/13.  I voiced my objections again at another meeting on 2/12/13.  The board clerk, Charles Ramsey, said the issue would be raised at the next CBOC meeting on 2/27/13.  At this CBOC meeting, the district CBOC liaison, Associate Superintendent Bill Fay, said that the union position was legal because the union rep was not employed by the WCCUSD. 

I understand that there will always be vacancies on any CBOC, but my concern is that the combination of unlawful positions in addition to conflict-of-interest scenarios such as committee members receiving monies from those contracted with the WCCUSD magnifies the impact of the vacancies of these legally required positions.  In addition, each WCCUSD board member has an appointee on the CBOC.


  1. I decided against anonymity as my views on these matters are already publicly known.

  2. Where can I send mine???