Saturday, February 23, 2013

If not secession, then what?

As a result of some recent negative experience related to my criticism of the district, I thought I should take Mr. Ramsey's advice and give some thought to the possibility of secession, not because I want this, but because perhaps this is what some district officials want.  It is obvious that some of them do not welcome folks like me wanting to get in their (our) business.  I appreciate Trustee Ramsey's efforts to address some of my concerns, but he is only one person, that the issues regarding the WCCUSD are bigger than him.

So I began reviewing the avenues of secession of a city from the district.  It looks pretty darn complicated as a result of monies owed for school construction projects, etc.  Here are the minutes from the 2005 secession attempt

If one cannot secede, then the other option is to bring more oversight to the district.  I am exploring the following possibilities:

1. The establishing a true oversight committee for WCCUSD parcel taxes.  Currently, the oversight is nothing more than folks being invited to attend the Community Budget Advisory Committee.  The fox guarding the henhouse scenario.  Here is an example of a true parcel tax oversight committee.

2. The establishing of an Office of Inspector General for all Contra Costa School districts.  LA Unified has such an office.

3. The restructuring of the WCCUSD board composition to require that each city or municipality have one elected member on the board. 

4. A state-wide initiative calling for the requirement that school DISTRICTS be accredited. Kansas City, MO has such accreditation.

5. Restructuring of the CBOC composition.  I am going to perform a breakdown of the CBOC votes to see if decisions have been influenced by the current less-than-independent make-up.


With some of these ideas, some WCCUSD staff might beg for some of us to secede. 


  1. From Chicago's (my family's city) Education Office of Inspector General

    The following actions addressed:
    Inattention to Duty
    Misappropriation of Funds
    Criminal Background
    Conduct Unbecoming
    Falsification of Attendance Records
    Falsification of Employment Records
    Falsification of School Records
    Test Cheating
    Tuition Fraud
    Grade Changing
    Violation of Acceptable Use Policy (computer/email)
    Violation of Magnet and Selective Enrollment Policy
    Contractor Violations
    Discourteous Treatment
    Losing one's professional license
    Preferential Treatment
    Fraudulent Leave of Absence
    Unauthorized Use of Board Property Miscellaneous