Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Charles Ramsey makes a promise

Last night, I received a communication from Trustee Charles Ramsey which read "Giorgio....At the next Citizens Bond Oversight Committee I have committed to bring up points that you have raised in emails to me and before the City Council."

This last week has been a roller coaster of sorts for all participants.  Mr. Ramsey has been hearing me out repeatedly, and discussion has continued repeatedly.  And when I voiced my concerns at the Hercules City Council, creating a very awkward moment, Mr. Ramsey followed up by inviting me to attend the WCCUSD information meeting, saying "I hope to see you there."

Mr. Ramsey also shared with me a letter from Senator Hancock supporting the WCCUSD debt limit waiver.  I previously told Mr. Ramsey that I wanted to see some sign from Torlakson or Hancock that they were paying attention to our situation.  I mentioned Senator Hancock as she sits on the Senate Education Committee, the same committee that conducted hearings on the state's school construction program.  Note: the hearing website is now functional after a one month disappearing act.  The Education hearing website went down immediately after I began pointing attention to it, specifically the report that stated more oversight and accountability was needed for our state's school construction program. 

Senator Hancock is well aware of the problems.  And she still wrote the letter supporting the waiver.  To protect her reputation, I expect she will act on some of the recommendations made for the purpose of bringing oversight, transparency, and functionality to our state's school construction program.  

Dialogue is key as we continue to fight for our kids.  Mr. Ramsey knows that all eyes are on the WCCUSD bond program.  What better time to make any necessary improvements?  I eagerly await the next CBOC meeting.  I also now have a lower deductible for my car, just in case someone out there in the land of CBOC still has hard feelings.  So do I and I'm not one to be intimidated.  Just a bit startled.  

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