Thursday, January 31, 2013

Was A.J. trying to warn us about bad debt in 2010?

Hi David,
I am wondering if former WCCUSD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) member Anton Jungherr was possibly trying to alert us of this problem in 2010. He was the only member of the oversight committee who voted against the waiver to increase the debt limit in 2010 for this bond measure. I would like to see if his arguments were recorded by the WCCUSD.
What is odd is that the following 2010 waiver request document states that there were no objections to the waiver raised by the CBOC.
Yet, the following minutes mention that one member (A.J.) voted "No." Yet his objections are not documented on the waiver form. I recently asked the Assoc. Superintendent who signed the waiver for clarification, but he never replied.
A.J. was later removed from the committee by the school board for poor attendance. I do not know if A.J. received a warning. Supposedly, the night the board decided to vote him off of the oversight committee, the board president was at home, but he then drove to the meeting to vote this citizen off of the committee.
Here is the a description of this incident as described by the current CBOC secretary, Charley Cowens.
How about a follow-up report, David?

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