Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hercules WCCUSD joint meeting mostly positive

On Tuesday night, I attended the joint meeting and was pleased with the discussion that took place.  Almost the entire school board attended, except for Mrs. Merriweather.  The strict time-limit which resulted in cancellation of the public forum was a true disappointment, especially when you consider how many hours have been wasted in the council chambers bickering over the behavior and actions of others.  We wouldn't want the topic of education to steal center stage, would we?  Still, we made the most of our time.  I will post my notes later, but here is an article from the CC Times.

I did receive the following communication from one citizen.  I am hoping there is some sort of misunderstanding.  I attempting to sort this out.  I must admit that with all of the planned development, I was surprised that there was no need for a future elementary school.  I see this as good news and truly hope that is the case.


"The whole point of the meeting came to light at the end. It is to gain support for the bonds ceiling.

Before that happen though, Harter mis-spoke to Myrna about the demographic study that lead to the conclusion that there would be no need for a school here for at least a decade. 

First he said that Victoria Crescent, Syc North, and Parcel C were factored in to the zero growth demographic study.
Then he reported that the demographic study was done in 2010/2011.

There is no way those comments are congruous. Those parcels were not in that position at that time but the Bayfront was in the Waterfront Initiative.

And somehow he missed the Bayfront project altogether, and The Village part, that is on slate for this year. This project has growth that is triple the other plans all added up (the none existent plans).

This was Steve Duran channeling through Harter. 

And then that was followed by Dan Romero making the case that since the demographics are flat and we already have 3 schools in town and we should be careful and not waste the money for a school on that side of the highway. 

Excuse me ???"

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