Monday, December 17, 2012

The booting of Anton Jungherr

Sometime ago, I came across this blog post about the ejecting of Citizens Bond Oversight Committee member, Anton Jungherr.

Why am I revisiting this?  Because of the recent discovery that his objections to the previous waiver had not been documented on the waiver request form.  I now have to wonder if he was catapulted from the committee for voicing such objections, that he didn't go along, that he provided too much oversight.

I am also revisiting this because of a comment that Mr. Studdiford (CBOC past-president) made at the most recent CBOC meeting.  He said that an attendance policy was drafted in response to Mr. Jungherr's absences.  I agree that attendance is important, but was Mr. Jungherr ever fairly warned?  Do I understand correctly that he was voted off of the CBOC for violating a policy that had not yet been drafted?

This is starting to take on the appearance of retaliation.

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