Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Regarding tonight's CBOC meeting

Some questions that came to mind:
1. Are district staff unwilling or unable to assist the citizen's committee?
2. Do some committee members have difficulty accepting criticism or complaints from citizens?
3. When a committee member proposed a mechanism for monitoring performance-progress of bond money usage, it was mentioned that other committee members had tried to obtain such information from the district 4 years ago.  Tonight, a district employee (in response to the committee member's proposal) said that he had started working on something similar 4 years ago, and could have it soon as he stated "I am now sufficiently motivated."  Can we replace this WCCUSD employee who is only NOW sufficiently motivated with the committee member who needed no motivating?
4. The committee consists of mostly very intelligent individuals who can read.  The WCCUSD staff should treat them accordingly, ensuring that these folks tasked with the oversight of millions of dollars of our tax dollars, receive all of the necessary documentation-information 

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