Thursday, December 27, 2012

Measure E County Council ballot impartial analysis incomplete?

Who is responsible for protecting our county from potential financial ruin?  Where is the oversight?  The lack of oversight is highlighted by the State Treasurer's recent comments in which he states that some school districts are making financial decisions in a reckless manner, warranting the "firing" of Superintendents and replacing of school boards.  His own words.  So how is this being allowed to happen?

I am now searching for this oversight as parties are now debating as to whether or not increasing the debt limit yet again to pay for school construction in our county is acceptable.
For this oversight, I reviewed the "impartial analysis" provided with the voter information found here.
This impartial analysis is provided by the "County Council."  This individual can be located on this org chart.  I know nothing about them.  Are they even assessed for competency?

NOWHERE does the County Council mention the need for a waiver to approve this measure, that the 2.5% debt limit is being exceeded.  The County Council mentions other states laws and requirements, but not this one.  In May, 2009, the State Board of Education approved a waiver request allowing the WCCUSD to extend the limit from 2.5% to 3.5%.  In March, 2011, another waiver was approved for extending the debt limit to 5%.  I believe the current waiver request is to extend the limit to 6%.

This is an incomplete, not impartial, analysis.

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