Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last nights board meeting

Thank you Randy and Todd for the mission you have signed on for.
Thank you, Charles Ramsey, for reaching out to Hercules.
I was sorry to learn of the passing of WCCUSD custodian, Elijah Collor. I remember his presence at Richmond High School being a very positive contribution to the school team effort.
Regarding the Community Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) and the role it plays with respect to oversight of parcel tax funds, I support the suggestion made by the CBAC Chairman Eduardo Martinez, that the CBAC and Academic Subcommittee work more closely together.
At the recent CBAC meeting, I sought to gain a better picture of the qualifications of our teaching staff, but this was not the responsibility of the Business Manager who oversees the committee. I did greatly appreciated the input from the CBAC alternate Principal for sharing some of the considerations regarding school-classroom staffing issues.
When the taxpayer can truly visualize how the funds are being used, they will be more supportive of such parcel tax funding mechanisms.
Regarding the weighted student formula, this means no funding for the Adult School, correct? Why isn't the Adult School part of the Community College district? The classes offered at the Adult School are usually offered at local JCs. The WCCUSD has enough on its plate.

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