Monday, December 17, 2012

Budget cuts have made WCCUSD schools less safe

The WCCUSD cut funding for staff responsible for assisting with the morning drop-off procedure.  In 2010, at Ohlone Elementary School, a parent who had just fired a few shots with a handgun in a nearby subdivision then threatened parents at the school with a gun and struck 2 individuals while fleeing.

Report found here

One week later, I visited the school site to observe the drop-off procedure.  I was simply hanging out, watching.  I was not a school parent as my daughter would not be enrolled there for another 3 years.  And no one stopped to question me.  No one asked who this stranger was, standing in the parking lot.  

The school is now relying on volunteers to help with the drop-off procedure.  Maybe volunteers can get the job done, but we should at the very least make sure they are receiving the training necessary to deal with such situations.  

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