Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New CBOC members?

The Citizens Bond Oversight Committee consists of a large number of representatives, including both school board and city council appointees.  We have two new school board members and at least one city council member who lost their bid for reelection.  Does this mean we will see new faces on the CBOC beginning in January, 2013?


  1. Girgio,

    Here's a link to the current roster for CBOC:

    The City of San Pablo and Charles Ramsey are empty slots. Paul Gilbert-Snyder is termed out now. Martinez and Martinez-Rubin have to decide in a month or so whether they want second terms.

  2. Also, at least CBOC (bond oversight) has term limits, CBAC (operations budget) doesn't. Tammy and Robert have been on there quite a long time. Any signs of voluntary retirement on their part?

  3. I'm not sure what Robert has planned with the CBAC. He didn't show up at the CBAC the other night. We were told that the had a rough night at the previous night's CBOC meeting. The Financial Manager said she wanted to give him a month off from the CBAC meetings to recover.

  4. A rough night? What? He was certainly in high form, but this was just him. Oh, brother!