Monday, November 12, 2012

Is there a financial crisis or not?

During the financial crisis, most government agencies have eliminated or limited travel for employees.  With the use of webinars and teleconferences, travel has become less necessary.

So how come I am always reading about WCCUSD board members attending conferences?  In this recent example, there are two meetings.  The first is in San Francisco.  Ok, I believe we should take advantage of attending meetings whenever they are held locally.  The only cost incurred will be that of meeting registration and mileage expenses.

The second meeting is being held in New York City.  And it is recommend that this trip be approved.  I can barely get some board members to visit Hercules, but we are going to pay them to fly and stay in New York?  When I have the time, I will tally up all of the 2012 travel that you and I paid for.

Item C.25

Add this to the fact that our district is also still paying 10 teachers per year to take year-long sabbaticals, with them receiving full benefits and 1/2 their salary.  Seriously?

To the board, I remind them that we are in a recession.   Please conduct yourselves accordingly.

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