Thursday, October 4, 2012

Antonio Medrano doesn't get it

Antonio Medrano fails to understand his duties as an "at large" school board member. Board members are "at large", representing the ENTIRE district, not only their city of residence. His comment might explain why some cities feel left out of the district. He stated
"I have heard some of the discontent," he said. "Residents of Hercules and Pinole should find someone to run."
Wrong answer. The correct response should have been "I have heard of some of the discontent and am looking into addressing their concerns because that is what I was elected to do."
It is because of board members like Antonio Medrano who have no interest in taking the time to learn about the concerns of the entire district they represent that we have people feeling left out of the decision-making process regarding OUR school district.


  1. This is a reason to have non-at-large trustee area elections. It makes it more likely someone from Hercule or Pinole would be elected.

    1. Wasn't this previously proposed? If so, did Medrano support this? He should.

    2. Before he was elected, he said he supported it. He didn't do much about it, though. Since he was elected, he hasn't done anything about it