Friday, September 21, 2012

Local socialist calls Candidate Todd Groves a "scab"!

A local self-proclaimed socialist has referred to Todd Groves as a union-busting "scab" and has openly given Todd a hard time about his volunteering efforts, specifically those as a math coach.   "The socialist" cites his reasoning based on the fact that Todd Groves volunteers, taking away jobs from "the working class."  That's right.  Todd is being criticized for volunteering!

I happen to know and like "the socialist."  Our paths crossed because we are in the same union for scientists.  This union was in violation of the California Corporations Code, resulting in the crushing of any avenue of democracy and accountability.  So, "the socialist" and I teamed up to take back the union and are now having success as the state has recently ruled in our favor.  At a later date, I will probably have to explain my relationship with "the socialist" at something akin to a McCarthy hearing.  In my defense, any union President who deems a member "a threat to the security of the organization" because of their desire to seek mechanisms for democracy more closely resembles a communist dictator than "the socialist" I teamed up with.

Back to candidate Todd Groves.  The criticism of "the socialist" did get me thinking, though.  Todd has had a very positive impact with his math coaching and his success with the Middle School Math initiative.   This does cause me to ask if a volunteer is able to accomplish so much, then why do we need the district staff who have been delegated the same task(s) regarding delivery of curriculum per their job description?  It seems to me that this union-busting "scab" should have an office of his own at Bissell St.

Electing Todd Groves to school board will be good for starters.

PS-Forgive me Todd.  If I crossed the line with this and you want me to delete this post, I will.

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