Thursday, September 20, 2012

Letter to the board: Documentation policies and procedures

Dear WCCUSD board members,
Over a period of 2 months, I attempted to alert you to a violation of Ed Code 33126.  I have now been told my observations were valid, that the district has been out of compliance with this law.  The question I have is where is my concern documented?  In addition to emails, I raised this item at the July 2nd special board meeting in El Cerrito.  Shouldn't this have become an action item on the meeting minutes?  

As that meeting was not televised, my comment was not recorded and public comments are never transcribed in the minutes.  It should also be noted that the reply I received, acknowledging that the district has been out-of-compliance, was given to me outside on the sidewalk as I walked to my car.  This discussion was not documented or viewed on camera.

Has this Ed Code violation been documented in any board meeting minutes?  If not, this is a very serious matter warranting investigation.  The board meeting minutes are very thorough.  They often contain comments thanking individuals or acknowledging the efforts of others, but no mention of an Ed Code violation raised by a concerned citizen?  I request that you review your documentation policies and procedures if I am correct that this matter was never formally documented in the board meeting minutes.  Thank you.

Giorgio Cosentino

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