Sunday, September 23, 2012

Formal apology requested (yet another letter to the school board)

Dear WCCUSD school board,
I am requesting a formal apology from the board as a result of the comments made by the board President in June.  I apologize for not having made this request sooner.  My concern by not formally addressing this is that the citizens of Hercules and Pinole are now left wondering if the board does not fully support us.  If so, this is a very serious matter.  I, personally, expected the board members to work more closely with Pinole and Hercules, not push us away, as a result of the parcel tax vote outcome.  The Governing Board policy states  "
Govern in a dignified and professional manner, treating everyone with civility and respect."

I ask that the citizens of Pinole and Hercules be treated civilly and with respect.   Most of the citizens of Hercules and Pinole do embrace education.  Work more closely with us and you will see this.  I thank you for any consideration you can give to my request. 

Giorgio Cosentino, Hercules parent

"The measure passed overwhelmingly in most of the district, but in Pinole and Hercules, they voted just enough to kill it," school board President Charles Ramsey said. "They just don't embrace the funding measures like most of the district voters do."
Ramsey said he hopes the vote will spur renewed debate about the possibility of breaking up the district.
"We have to have the conversation about whether or not it's in all parties' best interest for Hercules and Pinole to start their own district," Ramsey said. "It's not fair for other communities in our district to have funding measures they overwhelmingly support being stopped by a tiny minority that says no."

Governing board policy:
The Governing Board believes that its primary responsibility is to act in the best interests of every student in the district. The Board also has major commitments to parents/guardians, all members of the community, employees, the state of California, laws pertaining to public education, and established policies of the district. To maximize Board effectiveness and public confidence in district governance, Board members are expected to govern responsibly and hold themselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct.
The Board expects its members to work with each other and the Superintendent to ensure that a high-quality education is provided to each student. Each individual Board member shall:
1. Keep learning and achievement for all students as the primary focus
2. Value, support and advocate for public education
3. Recognize and respect differences of perspective and style on the Board and among staff, students, parents and the community
4. Act with dignity, and understand the implications of demeanor and behavior
5. Keep confidential matters confidential
6. Participate in professional development and commit the time and energy necessary to be an informed and effective leader
7. Understand the distinctions between Board and staff roles, and refrain from performing management functions that are the responsibility of the Superintendent and staff
8. Understand that authority rests with the Board as a whole and not with individuals
Board members also shall assume collective responsibility for building unity and creating a positive organizational culture. To operate effectively, the Board shall have a unity of purpose and:
1. Keep the district focused on learning and achievement for all students
2. Communicate a common vision
3. Operate openly, with trust and integrity
4. Govern in a dignified and professional manner, treating everyone with civility and respect
5. Govern within Board-adopted policies and procedures
6. Take collective responsibility for the Board's performance
7. Periodically evaluate its own effectiveness
8. Ensure opportunities for the diverse range of views in the community to inform Board deliberations


  1. Did you get any kind of response from this?

  2. No, nothing. When it comes to customer relations, the WCCUSD receives a big, fat F.