Monday, September 3, 2012

Candidate Studdiford is anti-choice?

At the August 25th WCCUSD candidate forum sponsored by the El Cerrito Democratic Club, Robert Studdiford, with religious fervor, stated that he was against charter schools, that he "did not see what purpose they served." Mr. Enos said he supported them "legally, but not personally."  Mr. Medrano kind-of maybe supports them, and Todd Grove does support them.

My question for Mr. Studdiford is does he believe the WCCUSD has met all of its obligations to all parents and children?  Parents want a choice today for their children who sit in a classroom today.  Parents want schools that are safe and successful today.  Not all WCCUSD schools can guarantee such, today, although the promises for tomorrow never stop.

Mr. Studdiford is a CBOC member, appointed by President Ramsey.  During his previous election bid, Mr. Studdiford received $35,000.00 from district developers and architects, the same folks who lined the pockets of President Ramsey.

It only costs $1,999.00 to have a statement printed on the election ballot.  That leaves $33,000.00 for the purpose of eliminating our right to have a charter school.

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  1. why did he receive 35k what did he actually do?