Friday, September 21, 2012

Asbestos hazard in our schools? (Measure E verbiage)

Is there a true asbestos hazard currently in the WCCUSD schools?  Very often, the only risk of asbestos is when one attempts to manipulate it, such as by removing it.  The bond measure cites this hazard as reason for the measure.  Since we first learned of the asbestos hazards in the 1980's, haven't hazardous asbestos situations been addressed in one manner or another?  If not, then this is a concern.  Why now?  

Perhaps some remodeling or construction is needed at some school sites, with the asbestos being an impediment to these projects?  I am not saying that the hazard is not real or does not exist, but I would like to see the risk assessment documentation that has been performed if I am being asked to pay for this.

I have just sent the following request to the CBOC chairman, Robert Studdiford.  

Hi Robert,
I noticed the bond measure verbiage mentions removal of asbestos.  Do you have access to or have you reviewed any risk assessment documentation regarding asbestos hazards that currently exist in our district schools?  Ideally, the CBOC and safety committee would have reviewed-discussed this, with such documentation in hand. If not, it might be something to consider taking a closer look at in the future.  Thanks.

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