Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WCCUSD thumbs its nose at the CBOC

Last weeks Citizens Bond Oversight Committee meeting was combined with the board meeting. The KEY agenda item was the response to the Grand Jury report regarding bond oversight. Here's the report.
So, this is a big deal. Drafting a required response to a Grand Jury report is a civic duty that we should welcome with honor.  Or at least I would.  So get this.  The governing school board had 90 days to draft a response. So, one week before the deadline, a joint meeting with the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee is held, and guess what?
These suits (they were wearing suits) from the district show up at the meeting...with nothing in hand. No draft copy although they say they had a draft. They said "We are going to submit our response, but we thought we'd get your (obligatory?) feedback first."
I blew a gasket. These suits showed up to the citizens committee ill-prepared. They should have sent out a draft when the agenda was set so the committee could have time to review the responses.  This would have been efficient, productive, and respectful of the committee. 
How do we know they weren't going to submit another incomplete response like they did for the Grand Jury report on Truancy. 
A total lack of respect for the oversight committee. And King Ramsey says the oversight is fine as is. Seriously?

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