Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Hercules Citizens Education Committee?

In my opinion, we do need to pass the parcel tax in November. Although many citizens supported this parcel tax on the last ballot, many did not. The citizens of Hercules need to understand that their property values also depend on the quality of our schools, that the city projects and vision mean little if homebuyers go elsewhere if our schools do not meet their approval. We are making progress as evidenced by the new Ohlone school facility. Let's keep moving forward.
Perhaps Hercules should establish a Citizens Education Committee. Currently, the PTAs exist to help with fundraising, as does the Hercules Education Foundation. Unlike the PTA and Foundation, the Committee could provide an oversight role for addressing any concerns that parents may have about their school or the district. The committee could help establish tutoring networks or volunteer math, science and music programs or even a charter school. The committee could also lobby for our school teachers and principals who in my opinion, are not always supported by the district.
If the citizens of Hercules had a greater voice in their education needs, would they be more willing to support our schools? If so, then let's create a vehicle for that voice asap.

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