Sunday, July 29, 2012

Additional complaint item #1: WCCUSD Board President attack on Hercules and Pinole

Additional complaint item #1: WCCUSD Board President attack on Hercules and Pinole

Although greater than 50% of the Hercules voters supported the 2012 Measure A parcel tax, it was not enough for the 2/3 requirement. This prompted President Ramsey to recommend that the two cities form their own district.

Ironically, Hercules had previously been told by the County Board of Education that they do not qualify for secession. This was the 2005 ruling after some Hercules citizens sought secession from the WCCUSD. 

President Ramsey's recent remarks against a city who also had to support a tax measure for purpose of preventing bankruptcy of the city on the same ballot was mean-spirited, reckless and divisive.

2005 Denial of petition

2012 Remarks of WCCUSD board president

Quote from the article
"The measure passed overwhelmingly in most of the district, but in Pinole and Hercules, they voted just enough to kill it," school board President Charles Ramsey said. "They just don't embrace the funding measures like most of the district voters do."

Ramsey said he hopes the vote will spur renewed debate about the possibility of breaking up the district.

"We have to have the conversation about whether or not it's in all parties' best interest for Hercules and Pinole to start their own district," Ramsey said. "It's not fair for other communities in our district to have funding measures they overwhelmingly support being stopped by a tiny minority that says no."

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  1. President Ramsey is further alienating a city-community that already might be feeling alienated from the district for the following reason:
    Three board members are from the Richmond-San Pablo area with the remaining two board members from El Cerrito.

    Hercules resident Anton Jungherr was voted off of the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee in a manner that was controversial. President Ramsey deemed Mr. Jungherr's actions as "disruptive." Then following the same logic, a disruptive President Ramsey should be removed from the board.

    Minutes of board meeting
    See "C.11" on P.3
    See resumption of "C.11" on P. 4 when Mr. Ramsey arrives late at the board meeting.