Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who is assessing the performance of WCCUSD? (Letter to CCCOE)

The following is a letter to the director for the Hercules area, Mrs. Ellen Elster.  CCCOE Superintendent Ovick was copied.  The County Board website is found here

Dear Director Elster,
As a former WCCUSD teacher and current parent of future district enrollee, I am seeking clarification on the role of the CCCOE with respect to oversight of school district performance.   I understand that each school is enrolled in an accreditation (WASC) program.  Are the districts as a whole also being assessed on their performance?  Does your office conduct a performance review of each district?  How do I know our district is following best management practices?  For example, I recently requested org charts and job descriptions of the district staff, specifically those of the Superintendent and assistant superintendents.  

I was told these job descriptions are "ancient" documents, not readily accessible.  If so, then by what metric are these employees being assessed if not on the ability to meet the stated requirements of their job description?  How are these positions being advertised without such documents and shouldn't they have been updated?  Is the school board assessing the performance of each district superintendent?  Is there a standardized assessment form used for this purpose?  If so, can I please have a copy?

The Washington State Auditor conducts such a performance evaluation of the school districts.

Has anyone conducted such a performance evaluation of each district in Contra Costa County?  If so, am I permitted to view them?  Thank you for the clarification.

Giorgio Cosentino, Hercules parent

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