Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where is the oversight of the "District"?

The state auditor has just blasted the state architect for lack of oversight of construction of schools.
The question I have is who is responsible for assessing the performance of each school district? There are accreditation audits of individual schools, but I want to see an audit document of the WCCUSD reported by an objective oversight agency. A report from the WCCUSD superintendent does not qualify as "objective."
The state has oversight and it is transparent as they place all audits on their webpage
Where are the audit documents for the WCCUSD? On the webpage of which oversight agency are they found? How do I know if the WCCUSD is following Best Management Practices?
Lack of money cannot be the default excuse for every single problem with our district.
If such oversight does not exist as evidenced by the lack of publicized district specific audit reports, then such oversight needs to be established immediately.

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