Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A letter from a student regarding class size

Published in the El Cerrito Patch, 12/09/2011

To to the Editor:
My name is A. R. and I am a freshman at El Cerrito High. And I am writing to you to explain to you what I think needs to be changed in maybe not just my school, El Cerrito High, but in many other schools too: class sizes.
I think some classes should have less students than now. My reason for this is that some classes aren’t physically big enough to have 35 or maybe even 40 students all together in one room. It’s not really fair because students don’t really get the chance to fully listen to what a teacher is saying most of the time. Although the students think they’re whispering, the amount of noise automatically increases and it becomes impossible to study.
Also, in some classes, all the desks are crammed together, and it’s really dangerous for students and teachers because in case of a fire someone could get hurt. Teachers are another reason; they don’t get paid enough to teach 35 or 40 students per class every day of the week, and students are not always able to receive that one-on-one help they might need because the teacher is too busy dealing with a classroom full of students.
A. R.
Freshman, El Cerrito High School

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